Spring/Summer 2016 Inspiration | PEKING OPERA

June 09, 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Inspiration | PEKING OPERA

Lele Sadoughi’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection takes center stage into the world of the Peking Opera of the late eighteenth century. The traditional woven silk costume robes, the graphic face painting of the performers, and the ornate, jeweled headdresses against the hand painted, brightly colored floral backdrops are the inspiration for the season.

Lele’s ability to define trend while referencing history is apparent in the use of rivets and structure when building her modern tiered pagoda pendants and combining them with softer and traditional floral elements that are modernized with a larger scale and a crystal mix.

She creates marble orchids that are dual colored like the contrast colors of the face paintings of the heroines. 





Tassels of fabric and metal dangle from chandelier earrings and statement necklaces to reference the traditional headdresses of carved metal, silk tassels, and pom poms.


Sheer, milky resin lilies adorn the ear, cover the collar, and make a delicate ring on the hand.

And she uses literal references of cranes and Chinese folding fans to make pendant charms.

This season, Lele continues to explore with her signature shiny 14K gold plate, howlite, marble, and milky glass stones; however, she introduces Chinese twisted rope along the back of necklaces as well as fabric tassels and wood mixed with metal.

Her signature slider bracelets now have a hinge closure, and there is an emphasis on big scale earrings and statements pendants.